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We Are change makers, cycle breakers, co-creators & connectors. We’re youth developers, rehabilitators, opportunity MAKERS and PERSONAL POTENTIAL enablers. We'RE ADVOCATES FOR the nurturing and growth of all, TOGETHER. We're the people of Bridge The Gap Project.


We’re a well connected collective of experienced people of all ages and walks of life who inspire, ignite and educate youth through experiential learning how to identify, unlock and unleash their potential.

We're committed to bringing everyone together in the healing, personal development and confidence-building of young people in the wider community including at-risk, vulnerable, incarcerated and youth offenders. 

We help youth help themselves stretch beyond their comfort zone to create and attract opportunity, which increases their chances at building a life they're proud and happy to live. 

We collaborate with other charitable trusts and our extensive community/networks to host a variety of dynamic events to raise awareness, fundraise and connect with like-minded people from all walks of life. This enables us to provide access for all people we work with to an expansive community of therapists, healers, practitioners, youth programme providers, mentors and others as passionate as we are about helping youth help themselves.

We're privileged to have the Bridge The Gap Project HQ based within the vibrant 'Eat My Lunch' space where many of our events, fundraisers and workshops are held. 


We work with a variety of people and organisations in the wider community through fashion shows, workshops, programmes, events, speaking engagements and mentoring, including:

  • Auckland Region Women’s Corrections Facility
  • Whakatakpokai Care & Protection
  • Korowai Manaaki Youth Justice Residence
  • Youth Justice
  • Child, Youth & Family
  • L’Oreal Face Your Future Programme
  • Whitecliffe College 
  • Dress For Success Auckland
  • Rotary
  • Servilles
  • Samala Robinson Academy
  • Various Schools


People of Bridge The Gap Project



The Bridge the Gap Project

Helping youth help themselves.


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