WHAT DO YOU DO? I’ve been a Youthline psychotherapist for 30 years, and work in a range of roles at Youthline, Ponsonby. I run my psychotherapy and counselling practice there with adolescents and adults, as well as running training and personal development programs, I’m a program developer and provide professional supervision. 

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR BTGP? I trained Amanda in Youthline’s GROUP DYNAMICS workshop where Amanda appreciated my knowledge, experience and approach so much, she asked me to work with her and young people on #BTGP.

Through my extensive experience at Youthline, in psychotherapy, counseling and personal development, Amanda and I are running ‘FRESH START’ youth development programs. I’m working with young people on improvisation, acting and personal development - helping them build strong, supportive skills in communication and self-awareness to maximise their potential, while she’ll be hosting a support group for mums as they share insights, stories and challenges young people and parents face. It’s a brilliant initiative, because where do mums go when they want to know the real deal on what happens for teens and how to help them help themselves?

 WHAT DO YOU KNOW TO BE TRUE? That each person has their own truth, and real connection comes from listening to and respecting others' ways of seeing things as well as our own.