Clare McCall

Clare McCall, business owner and co-creator of BTGP, comes to the table with a passion for creating positive change on the planet and surrounding herself with like-minded people.  Her ‘day job’ is CFO and co-business owner of JC McCall Plumbing Contractors, where she gets to boss boys around all day!  The business employs 35 people, with their business model being based on doing business with integrity while being able to make a difference in the lives of their staff, attributes Clare brings to BTGP.

Clare is wildly passionate about being able to help others, and building a charity was something of a life-long dream.  After finding out she was unable to have children of her own, she went about to bring her charity dreams into reality. 

During her years of travel, Clare spent time in Nepal and fell in love with the place and people. Clare has since visited Nepal three times (and counting) and has established relationships there where she is able to support local people to give back to the country.  Her second trip was a fundraising expedition to Everest Base Camp where funds were raised for orphanages in Kathmandu.  Her third trip back in November 2015 was after the devastating earthquake. To date, she's raised over $20,000 to support local people, as well as taking 50 first aid kits with her to distribute throughout her Himalayan trek.  Clare is happiest in the mountains of Nepal ☺

Another massive passion for Clare is wildlife, most of all, orangutang.  She visited Borneo and was lucky enough to spend time in the jungle, which constantly drives her to spread the message about the irreparable devastation to the planet, environment and wildlife of palm oil.  To date, Clare has  adopted eight orangutan babies and is shameless in her quest to reach triple figures!

With a belief anything and everything can be achieved with one step at a time, no matter how seemingly small, Clare is excited to be a part of how many young people are taking flight using BTGP, its people and connections, as a platform.