Danielle Cormack

I was honoured to be invited to be Patron of Bridge The Gap Project.  It's so exciting to be part of a movement that's about nurturing the Human Spirit.

Everyone needs guidance and support at some point in their life (I know I certainly do),  and being involved with an organisation based upon helping others in those moments is a responsibility I value highly. 

Bridge The Gap Project is just that: bridging relationships, forging connections, reinstating hope and providing a hand up for those at risk or in need, encouraging a sense of efficacy and helping people understand if they want to change their lives, they have a personal responsibility to work hard toward that end.  What a thrilling initiative!

I look forward to working with and meeting those who choose to become part of the Bridge the Gap Whanau, because indeed it is only through collaboration we can foster healthier, safer communities.  Onwards and Outwards!


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