UTILISING our expansive NETWORKS, we bridge the gap between communities, schools, businesses communities, families and people through:


We offer a variety of inspiring and passionate youth advocates who deliver fun, diverse and creative programmes and workshops to youth across the wider community. 


Through the undeniable power of transformational photo shoots, we empower young people how to identify, unlock and utilise their potential, and capture it through photographs.

We have a powerful and passionate collective of inspiring and engaging people who've walked the walk to provide tailored and group mentoring/coaching sessions.

We encourage social responsibility, community and connections through having young people volunteer with another socially responsible organisation we collaborate and share space with, the clever people of 'Eat My Lunch'. 

We collaborate with other charitable trusts to raise funds through hosting a variety of dynamic, informative and fun events. Our events also provide a platform for young people to build confidence through performing and sharing talent, skills and gifts. 

As a well-connected collective across various sectors of business, music, sports, the arts and culture, we also help the people we work with stretch to their full potential and attract and nurture employment opportunities by creating and giving access to our expansive networks.

Physical and mental health & wellbeing are essential aspects to building confidence in, and healing, people. We enlist qualified and passionate practitioners to help us help youth help themselves.