Juliet Furness is a voice and acting coach who spent 17 years in New York acting, teaching and studying. in 1995, Juliet met Seth Barrish, Anne Hathaway’s coach, and has been endorsed for her teaching by Seth.

Juliet held workshops in Auckland after being selected by Actor’s Equity in Sydney to help upskill NZ’s professional actors. 

Having been brought on board to be the resident acting coach for BTGP, Juliet was brought on to teach acting at Auckland Regiona Women’s Corrections Facility. 

What Inspires You? Vision. When people dare to challenge what is by reaching for something better. That reach is behind all the great accomplishments of mankind. Someone , somewhere, opened their mind to a greater Vision. Amanda Betts' vision in Bridge the Gap Project is that for me, a vision I feel lucky to be a part of.

Any advice you'd offer to your teenage self? The world is more exciting, meaningful, joyous, creative and kind than you can imagine right now. So keep your chin up.