AGE: 21

WHAT DO YOU DO? I’m studying a double major in Criminology & Sociology at Auckland Uni. I’m stoked I’ve been accepted by Auckland Uni into the Honours Postgraduate program where part of what I’m looking forward to is undertaking my own research project in criminology. It will involve the #BTGP, of course!

And I’m a commercial dancer for the two leading dance agencies in NZ: Soul of Siren & Momentum Productions, I’m a member of the Skycity Cheer Team, and teach many genres of dance at Warkworth Performing Arts.


WHAT DO YOU DO FOR BTGP? I inspire and train young people from all walks of life with a focus on at-risk, vulnerable and youth justice/young offenders in self-expression and movement through dance. This week, I took a girl who has so much talent but not the resources or means to the Palace Dance Studios. If you could’ve seen her face… In March 2016, I also taught & mentored young women at Auckland Region Women’s Corrections Facility to perform a dance routine as part of the BTGP’s ‘Freedom From Within’ Youth Development Program, one of the greatest days of my life.  

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO SUPPORT THE ‘BTGP’? It was the blessing of finding another group of people who had the same vision to help our incarcerated women and youth who’ve ended up moving through the criminal justice system, and who understood that crime and recidivism should be viewed as a public and societal problem, not just as an individual fault, really inspired me to jump on board with the work that Amanda and BTGP were already doing. I was excited to be able to weave in my passion for dance and criminology experience and knowledge to help youth help themselves.


WHAT’S THE WORST ADVICE YOU’VE EVER BEEN GIVEN? “One person cannot change the world, so don’t bother.” BTGP is disproving this directly: individuals who knew they could make a difference have by getting together to become even stronger, promoting and creating change for youth and women currently moving through the criminal justice system.