Michael Meredith

Award-winning chef of Meredith's, recipient of Metro Magazine's 2016 'Fine Dining Restaurant of The Year' and 'Restaurateur of The Year' awards, and face for 'Eat My Lunch', we thought these quotes from Michael Meredith in an article from E-Tangata encapsulate why we're proud Michael accepted to be a patron for Bridge The Gap Project: 

'...we’re all here to do something. And if you can do good, even if it’s just by associating yourself with something, why not? You never know what’s going to inspire the next person to do something.

'I know when I was young, if I read something about someone that I looked up to, something positive that they’d done — it can inspire you to do something better. It’s like planting a seed in someone’s consciousness ...

'The biggest thing is, there are kids that have always been in trouble because they don’t have food. And teachers have told us that with getting lunch, they’re now more settled.

And you know as kids, if you don’t have food, you don’t learn.

The hardest thing is we’re in New Zealand, and it shouldn’t happen. But there is that gap. People can judge but life is hard sometimes and you never know someone else’s circumstances. And they're just kids. They come into this world and they have to live within those circumstances — they don’t have a choice.'