WHAT CONTRIBUTION/S WILL YOU BE MAKING TO BTGP? I’m contributing my time and life experiences to help youth succeed in many different ways in life. I personally bring to the team my experience of playing professional football overseas, and my 10 years experience in the gym and winning the NZIFBB regional competition. I also bring my experience of turning my determination and successes into my own successful business.


WHAT DOES ‘THE BRIDGE THE GAP PROJECT' MEAN TO YOU? BTGP gives me the opportunity to help youth to succeed in ways they never thought possible. It means I can help youth overcome fears and challenges I once faced too, and to share my knowledge with them to show that anything is possible no matter where you come from.


WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO SUPPORT THE ‘BTGP’? I’ve grown up with a lot of close friends that have gone down the wrong paths, friends who are locked up, and never had the support or help to get them on the right track, so I’ve witnessed their talents being wasted.


WHAT DO YOU KNOW TO BE TRUE? That anything is possible once you set your mind to it.


WHAT’S THE BEST ADVICE YOU’VE EVER BEEN GIVEN? You are who you socialize with.


WHAT’S THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING ALIVE TODAY? Watching my little boy grow up, and sharing moments with the people I love.


WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR TEEN SELF? Not to be scared and to always try. Also that mistakes are meant to be made so you can learn from them, as this is the closest you will get to perfection.


WHAT MAKES YOUR BLOOD BOIL? Bullying, I can’t stand it.


WHO ARE YOUR HEROES/WHO DO YOU LOOK UP TO? I look up to my parents because they came to New Zealand with nothing, and could not speak a word of English. They now own their own businesses and own home, whilst raising 4 kids.




WHAT HIDDEN TALENT DO YOU HAVE? I can read people really well. Within minutes of meeting them, I’ll have ‘em sussed out. I haven’t been wrong yet.


IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I’d want to be Superman, because my 5-year old son is Batman apparently.


WHAT DO YOU THINK ARE THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES FACING TEENS AND YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY?  Not feeling comfortable with themselves, and tall poppy syndrome.