Wentworth star & BTGP patron spends time on the inside

Award winning actress, Wentworth star, SHINE KIDS AUSTRALIA ambassador and Bridge the Gap Project patron, Danielle Cormack spent some time on the inside with the youth participating in the #BTGP fresh start youth development program.

As written by AMY MAAS of SUNDAY STAR TIMES, ‘Signing on was a ‘no-brainer for Cormack. She already supports the Shine for kids charity in Australia, where she is based, which provides mentors and support for children whose parents are in jail.’

We at #BTGP love this quote: ‘Cormack said she hoped the occasion would help break down barriers for people who “make really shitty choices as a means to survive.”’

Thank you, Danielle. We’re unashamedly stoked to have you as a patron, torch shiner and voice for our work at the Bridge the Gap Project.