Ketz-ke donate $5000+ of clothes to help us help youth help themselves

We @ #BTGP are a well-connected collective of experienced people of all ages and walks of life committed to the healing, development and confidence-building of the wider community as well as at-risk, vulnerable, incarcerated and youth offenders.

‘We help young people help themselves discover and unlock their potential while building the crucial foundation layers of confidence. We do this by engaging, educating and empowering youth through experiential programs and mentoring.  We then connect them with organisations and other passionate youth advocates.

So thank you, Jenny Drury, and your beautiful team of Ketz-ke Clothing, for donating $5k+ clothing to the BTGP. This is the second time we’ve received such a massive donation of clothing, and we, and, more importantly, our young people, are so appreciative. 

But that’s not all…Jenny also donated a bunch of shoes used from photo shoots to our young people, young people who don’t ordinarily have resources, money or access to such clothing we at Bridge The Gap Project rally for.

The people of BTGP recently delivered the final presentation for Auckland Region Women’s Corrections Facility ‘Freedom From Within’ youth development program, where many of the wahine chose KETZ-KE clothing to take to the catwalk and show what they’d learnt as they owned their confidence and walk. Because owning who you are, forging beyond your comfort zone, understanding your personal identity and believing in your potential is crucial not only to their future, but ours as a society.

Thank you for being a part of BTGP, Ketz-ke. Here’s a little ‘thank you’ certificate that everyone who attends and completes our program receive, as well as all BTGP participants and generous people like you who donate to help us help youth help themselves.