Collaboration is (Em)power(ing) - Eat My Lunch / BTGP

One of the most powerful and unique things we offer at BTGP ‘LIFE SKILLS THROUGH FASHION’ confidence-building workshops is people from all walks of life, of all shapes, sizes and capabilities, being brave putting themselves out there.
Some of the things we cover in our workshops is empowering young people how to: 
•  Walk with confidence
•  Forge beyond their comfort zone
•  Establish their personal identity
•  Tell the story of who they are through their wardrobe
•  Connect and bond with people outside their usual circles
•  Be aware of personal branding through social media


 BTGP HQ and our workshops are run above the amazing EAT MY LUNCH space. Early each weekday morning, you’ll catch EML menu designer, Metro 2016’s FINE DINING RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR & RESTAURATEUR OF THE YEAR and multi-award-winning chef, MICHAEL MEREDITH of MEREDITHS working tirelessly at EML. Not only that, MICHAEL is a co-patron of BTGP. The guy is a (humble) legend.

We at BTGP have started the ball rolling on a fashion show, also to be held at the EML space, because fashion shows are a perfect platform to celebrate people putting themselves out there while bonding us as a community. Plus you can see where your money goes. Even better is when fashion shows raise funds to feed more people doing good work. 
We love EML’s philosophy of 'BUY ONE, GIVE ONE’, and that our work supports theirs, and their work supports ours. 

The EML community welcome all people, especially young people, keen to volunteer and do their bit for others. They embrace the youth offenders we at BTGP work with in serving out community hours at EML, so our young people feel good about being part of an all-embracing community as they give back to others less fortunate than themselves.
So for each event we run, $5/ticket will go to EML. You can also support EML and kids in need every day simply by buying your lunch here 
Because HELEN KELLER is right: ‘Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much’.