Wanted: Models for our Fashion Show!

We’re eternally grateful for our ever-growing, expansive network of passionate people keen to support youth being given a second, sometimes third, fourth and fifth chance. Because one thing’s for certain: sometimes we need to touch the element a few times over, make some silly mistakes or dreadful decisions before we ‘get it.’

A wonderful way to bring everyone together and say, ‘Hey, thanks. If you wanna see where your money goes, come along to our fashion event and celebrate people reveling in their new-found confidence with us’,  is to host an event. Even better is when funds are raised in the process so we can help more people help themselves.

With Bridge The Gap Project Charitable Trust now official, and a beautiful space above EAT MY LUNCH we call ‘Home’, it’s time to spread our event wings and shift our focus back to bringing people together through events.

The ball is rolling on a fashion show where we’ll be incorporating vintage, pre-loved designer, ‘high street’ and op shop gems to bring you a fun, fashion spectacular! We’ll keep you posted on deets and who to contact to get involved.

In the meantime, we thought we’d share this testimonial of a fashion show we organised from the amazing director of Dress For Success Auckland , LANI FRENCH.