Feel the fear and do it anyway

FEAR. Scares most people $hitless, even if it is False Evidence Appearing Real. Crashing through fear barriers is par for the course, what we do daily at least, at #BTGP.

Co-creator/creative director of #BTGP, Ryan Meta is the penultimate of what we set out to do when BTGP was but just a collection of big dreams and crazy ideas.  We know (yes, know), that pretty soon, the days of doing one job will be all-but-gone.

If young people are to survive, let alone thrive in this faster-than-a-speeding-bullet world, then it’s up to us as ‘Old Skool’ to teach what we know: adaptability when they’re fixated on how it should be (NOW), courage when they’re scared what everyone will think (because everyone can ‘see’ them), how to take leaps of faith (and show them how to prepare the parachute on the way down). We must teach resilience, persistence and consistency, how not to be all cotton wool.

Ryan Meta set out to do Photography.

He pushed himself to do videography, then discovered, ‘…the heart wants what the hearts wants’ and bravely decided to throw it in and figure it out. After loads of begging from us, he designed and built www.amandabetts.com and #BTGP, played around with illustration and moved on to create the print for our first ‘Many Hands Make Light Work’ totes.

Then TRUTH rocked up. At Amanda’s suggestion, Ryan returned home to be truthful with himself, to figure out what made his heart sing.

Transpires creative direction is his thing. Deciding to take a massive leap of faith, he created his first line of unisex tanks where he had Karen Ishigiro shoot two of our amazing scouts Helena & Natalie  and built a website for himself: RYANMETA.COM

But wait, there’s more! He’s designed some of our gorgeous #HeartArt photo frame magnets:

He even customizes clothes:

and he even….even…turns up in cool magazines like he did here:

Phew. Huge congrats, Ryan! We’re super-proud we get to fly on this journey with you.

The Heartspeak Collective