Viva announce 36 most fab people of '16, & their list includes BTGP'S Amanda Betts

‘If you have a mission, a vision, a voice or a truth you want the world to know about, I find it beneficial to appreciate the power of social/media. Media can amplify your vision and messages to places and people which could take you forever (if ever) to get to on your own.  After all, it’s not as much about you. It’s about what you came here to do’ – Amanda Betts

Freelance journalist and writer, Rebecca Barry-Hill, was the first to ‘go there’ in publishing some of the real story of Amanda Betts and why she does what she does. 

To be fair, Amanda’s story is a gritty one peppered with enough hardship to load a few lifetimes: battered 15year old flees home and school armed with two years high school education after suffering years of domestic violence, ongoing sexual and emotional abuse, drugs and alcohol and tragedies. How, then, did she end up co-founding arguably NZ’s top model and talent agencies in Red11 Models and building top models and talent for a living?  What made her give it all up to co-create Bridge The Gap Project, a charitable trust that helps at-risk and vulnerable youth help themselves, when she was at the top of her game? And perhaps more fascinating, why, oh why?

The answers to these questions and more can be found on, Google or here on BTGP.

So to have Amanda acknowledged in the NZ Herald's Viva as one of Rebecca’s ‘Prime People’ is, naturally, a huge (and humbling) honour.  

Thank you so very much, Rebecca, for shining light on this woman on a mission in Amanda. More importantly, thank you for shining awareness on what she does. She has had more doors opened to her already because of it. 

The Heartspeak Collective