We love these specially designed HEARTSPEAK cards with quotes as the name of the images made with love by one of our young artists, 19-year-old TESS COSTIL.

We recently featured a story on Tess, a young woman who only attended school for 60% of her last year of school due to a disadvantage more difficult to ‘see’: anxiety.

Mental health is something close to our hearts at HeartSpeak and BTGP, and we’re committed to shining light for young people struggling in their shadows, to help them discover and step forward into their own light.

We connected Tess with loyal friend and supporter of BTGP, Michael Dodds & Penelope Stewart of 12Gallery, Auckland, who arranged an exhibition for Tess.

Tess has made great money in her first exhibition, and counting. What’s more exciting, though, is her work is now in several homes when her largest piece of work before we connected her was her inkjet printer. 

We invited Tess to design some unique Heart Speak cards, all printed on quality card, thanks to sponsorship by the kind folk at ICG Auckland. Like all HeartSpeak pieces, each card tells a story:

1.    Why spend time spinning negative energy? - Anonymous

2.    Replace Fear of the Unknown with Curiosity – Danny Gokey

3.    To live fully is let go and die with each passing moment and to be reborn in each new one – Jack Kornfield

4.    Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire – Jennifer Lee

5.    Did you know caterpillar’s bodies liquefy before morphing into butterflies? – Amanda Betts

6.    Aspire to be someone not to live by the rules of somebody – Tess Costil

The cards come in packs of 6 plus one card being signed by Amanda Betts, the co-founder of Bridge The Gap Project & patrons Danielle Cormack & Michael Meredith.

If you’re into what we do and you’d like to support us, you can do so by purchasing a pack of six cards for $35, or two packs of six for $60 + shipping (POA depending on how many cards).

Or you can make a donation here: www.bridgethegapproject.co.nz

A portion of proceeds goes to Tess Costil, HeartSpeak and BTGP.

The Heartspeak Collective